My Dear Friends,
Being a part of Indian manufacturing fraternity we are committed to extend the best of our efforts for the development of Nation economically.

Virtue Of Our Thrust

To Contribute

Sincerely As Well As Aggressively To Our



Nation is back on track, economy is indicating certain and concrete revival across the industrial spectrum. It seems falling down of GDP, Increasing CAD, Slowing down of Industrial productions; inflation, crude prices, etc will become a history very soon! Nation is now in a proactive, capable and optimistic hand. Our pace to become the developed nation from a developing nation is surely be strengthened with a virtue of our thrust to contribute sincerely as well as aggressively to our mission “MAKE IN INDIA”. Let our machine tool industry become a catalyst for the superlative success of “MAKE IN INDIA”. Sincere Thanks,

Hasmukh Patel


Our Mission

Our Mission

Company’s Mission is “Propelling Technology, Prospering Life”, where it’s committed to excel and enhance human life through technology. when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be in this competitive market with the quality as USP and win the trust of all the clients as the manufacturer and supplier. To strengthen the affectionate relationship with all the stakeholders of the company including clients to employees.

People Culture

People Culture

Believe employees are our assets and we treat them as family members. The culture here is well organized and self motivated. Our young and energetic staff has a high level of team spirit and enthusiasm which is highlighted during the exhibitions and seminars. What’s more, we always treat and welcome the visitors (Grahak) as God.


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We are following international quality procedure like ISO 9001:2015, for quality assurance covering all stages of production and management.